A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

Well, it is not quite done per se. The knitting part is completed. Adding blanket stitches by hand is taking a bit of time…I hope to have the rest of the border in before returning home in a few days.

Isn’t it just adorable and sweat for a boy? (It is a safe-proof even if our friends end up with a girl–the odd of that isn’t very high however!)

First posted here.

Another great pair of fingerless mitt in Noro Wool.

Unfortunately, my camera couldn’t capture the fine details of leaves and vines. They are really pretty and warm. Hope the person (can’t reveal until after the holiday) like them as I do. Hack…if she doesn’t, I’ll take them back! Just kidding…


Comments on: "Unveiling Baby Surprise Jacket" (2)

  1. The baby jacket is lovely – very nice buttons! Cathy november moon

  2. Thanks, Cathy, for visiting me. This is a well-loved, most popular baby sweater pattern ever published by Elizabeth Zimmerman in the 60s.I stopped by novembermoon. Thanks for your creative insights. I love fabic art painting…but the brooch idea is fabulous and personal–very timely for the holiday gift list and easily accomplished by even kids.

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