A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

I feel like I’ve ‘fall’ en a bit behind these days…busy as ever, but still enjoying every bit of it!

My feet must be swaddled in the beautiful color and feel of Megaboot. This lovely pair of Veil of Leaves is finally done in my car ride to and from Newberg today. In last minute, I threaded some yarns in the cobblestone cuffs as ties so the socks would stay up. They are as I expected. It was a match made in heaven–the colorway and the 9-stitch leaf lace repeated around the leg. Thank you Cat for another great fitting winter companions.

Posted here on November 11.

I will definitely knit another pair (but trying optional version) in the green Camo hand-dyed sock yarn as pictured below once holiday knitting madness is over.

TA DAAA!!! I present to you Pagewood Farms of California, a fabulous spinner and hand dyer. After waiting over 4 months, the glorious textured and sparkling hand-dyed yarns has finally arrived! I love these machine washable, fingering weight sock yarn made out of merino, bamboo and nylon. They would knit up ‘so beautiful’ and ‘so fast.’ It was well worth the wait. This is definitely a few of my favorites at such a bargain price. Each skein is 450 yards at $16.00–can’t beat that for hand-dyed yarns made in the USA. The Grape Juices in picture is more blue than it really is. Kuryeon Addicts, try this yarn…

Superwash in Golden (2), Grape Juice (2), Denim, and Camo (2)plus not in the picture Really Red and Crayon (3)

For the Lizard Ridge project, knittng in 24 blocks and hopefully with different colorway.

NORO Kureyon in Color 74E2, 102U2, 154C (2), 156D, 159C, 164C, 166D (2), 175C, 180A, and 185B

More Trendseter Tonalita…did I tell you how I love this new line of creation even though I don’t have a project in mind?

in Color 2396, 2376, 2371 (2), 2378 (2), 2357

Lastly, would this just perfect for a booklover that I am!
It is the Bibliochaise, and is, sadly, a bit out of my price range.


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